Connecting Coffee February 2019

By Ashley Tobin (other events)

Friday, February 15 2019 9:00 AM 10:00 AM

Please join us for another edition of Connecting Coffee, the networking event for nonprofit professionals. Come prepared to share your experiences and expertise and hear from your peers to learn best practices (and even commiserate). Please remember that we start on time and end on time, please arrive promptly at 9am. 

February Topic: Volunteer Management for people who aren't volunteer managers

Every year after MLK Day, I think about how much work it is for nonprofits to offer fulfilling volunteer experiences. It's a lot of work - much of which goes without appreciation. 

And volunteer management for nonprofits is a daily task for everyone at the organization. We get volunteers in the form of families who want to help people in need, to corporate workers offering professional services, to board members who build the paths our organizations take. 

Come prepared to share and learn from your peers. And thank you to WeWork for hosting.